fwawn - Fornax Void / Release Me

December 31, 2016

For my final release of 2016, I recorded and released a couple of remixes from my live set. They are available for streaming/download at Soundcloud.

job - The Inescapable Love

November 1, 2016

The Inescapable Love was released last month as a 7" picture lathe on my girlfriend's and my new label Lagom Audio/Visual. It is available for streaming/download.

fwawn - From God to Man Cassette Reissue

April 24, 2016

This past Record Store Day I reissued fwawn's 2014 From God to Man on cassette. It has an exclusive bonus track, was duplicated using high quality BASF Chrome Plus tape, and features hand-dyed inserts. They are available for purchase online and locally in Charlottesville, Virginia at Melody Supreme and Sidetracks Music. Here's a short clip of fwawn's first show from RSD:

b̖̆̚e᷿᷅̂ą͉͎t̡̤᷉s̓̂͆ o̫᷇᷄f̲̯̚ ě̢͑d᷊᷿̊ẽ᷆̀n̿̅̋ + iku - Cat Collector

March 12, 2016

Last Christmas my girlfriend and I unknowingly made each other Neko Atsume remixes, and we thought it might be nice to release them together as a split. So here they are! Streaming and lossless downloads from Soundcloud, or direct download for MP3. Also, check out the full art!

fwawn - Layer03

March 6, 2016

I was fortunate to be able to contribute to last month's Big Virginia Noise Compilation, a compilation organized by Paul Alone and inspired by Thee Instagon Foundation's One Nation Under Noise project. In addition to downloading/streaming from Big Virginia Noise Compilation's Bandcamp, I have released an extended version of my track with alternative artwork on Soundcloud. Feel free to listen and download now!

iku - Let's Bae!

October 8, 2015

Let's Bae!, an EP featuring four original remixes, is available for streaming and download today. Visit Soundcloud for streaming/lossless downloads, or click here to download in MP3 format. Also, check out this super cool speed painting done by Maddy Woodson!

Finally, in honor of the release, here's a clip filmed by GIGABYTE of me performing at OmegaCon 2015. It was late and most people had gone home, but big ups to those who stuck it out and kept the party going! :D

Gouseion - Epic Rap Sunset

September 7, 2015

Last month a remix I created for Gouseion appeared on Epic Rap Sunset, a remix album featuring nine original remixes spanning seven artists. Streaming, downloads, and cassettes (limited to 30 copies) can be found here.

Gouseion is an artist who has influenced and inspired me since I first heard his debut Puisne in 2007. Along with edIT, Gouseion helped me to really start seeking out and devouring beat music. Fwawn probably wouldn't be what it is today had I never stumbled upon Puisne.

fwawn - The More We Change, the More We Stay the Same

December 20, 2014

My final release of the the year is now available for streaming/download. KORRA SPOILER: Merely a coincidence, but I’d like to point out that this EP, released a single day after the original airing of the Legend of Korra series finale, is about balance and features two female lovers on the cover. :)

iku - OmegaCon 2014

September 29, 2014

Uploaded my mix from this year’s OmegaCon. Stream and download here.

fwawn - From God to Man Review

July 4, 2014

Some very kind words from the latest issue of Worst Week Ever!

Waynesboro's own ambient electronic project, fwawn, debut their introductory album, From God to Man, showcasing an intricate, slow wave of warping grooves. The three tracks are a promising sign from producer (and El Cid alumnus) Cyrus Fisher, blending together with impressive ease. The entire EP lasts about fifteen minutes, but showcases the talent and aspiration of the project regardless, including a track featuring Amanda Wilson (Flying Colors, thaanks) and closing out with the cymbal-heavy The Evolutionary Trek of Adam, breaking in and out of beat patterns, flying all over the place, including some dope-ass marimba, and pulling everything back in. From God to Man offers up solid future jazz, chilled out buzz beats and proves to be a memorable debut for fwawn.

fwawn - From God to Man

May 25, 2014

New EP available today. Download here.

iku - OmegaCon 2013 Live Clip

April 3, 2014

job - A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge Reviews

April 2, 2014

Here are a couple of reviews of my 2010 album A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge in honor of my forthcoming split with Betray the Oracle. On a side note, I still have hard copies of this EP available, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like one. I’m more than happy to ship them out for free.

How Could They Not Worship You, O Lord? - 90%

Watch out, this is some of the deepest music you will ever hear. Sure, anyone would expect something very “out-there” when listening to a one-man American Hindu/Christian funeral doom metal project. And this latest release from Job more than lives up to expectations. I have been a fan of Job/Cyrus Fisher’s music for a while now, so I was excited to see for the first time a physical release on an actual label. Like his past releases, “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” features a single long (20 min) track, at a very slow tempo. I happen to very much appreciate this form, as it gives plenty of time to develop and gradually change without stopping anything completely. The key word is gradual. That idea is performed with great skill here. The quality of the record is excellent. It was recorded with just enough clarity to hear every part individually, while still retaining a fair amount of the atmosphere that Mr. Fisher is so talented at creating. Compared to the last release, “Coram Deo”, “A Psalm” may seem rather “dry”. There is definitely less of the sweeping atmosphere and effects here than were used on “Deo”. Instead there is more of a feel of emptiness, maybe not the “vacuum of space” type of emptiness but the silent meditation type of emptiness. This is fitting for what he is trying to communicate, it seems. The track starts off with a simple slow, heavy guitar riff. Typical. Continuing, it repeats and slowly builds, adding first some very soft keyboards, then drums and some excellent and eerie high vocals. My personal favorite layer he adds is the feedback. It gives you goose bumps. Cyrus Fisher’s deep growls come in and fit perfectly with the guitars, mixed to give a very monolithic feel. I believe the vocals are double or triple tracked, to give the roar of sound he creates. But its not overdone, so they remain rather low in the mix. Next up, enter the grand sounds of church organ to back it all up. (Some things haven’t changed since Coram Deo.) It’s all very, very, well put together. About six minutes in it all cuts back to just guitar and feedback, before going back to a full but excruciatingly slow blast. This happens twice, and then the second section of the song beings at about 12 minutes. At this point, we hear some sort of prayer being spoken in an Indian accent, with lots of delay so that you can’t really make out what is being said. I could really live without this voice, but the background is excellent, with a soft ambient drone, plus some very minimal drum beats every so often. After 3 minutes of this, the final section begins, which features only some electronic noises with a definite eastern flavor, and again a heavy amount of delay. Maybe not the best way to end this epic, but it is interesting nonetheless. My main complaint is that is goes on for longer than is really necessary. Still, it has a rather chilling effect. This record takes a few listens to really get the most out of it, but all in all it’s a fascinating work. I will be eagerly watching to see where Job takes us next.

- QuestioningSilence, August 14th, 2010 (original)

Job is a one man Funeral Doom project from the creative vision of Cyrus Fisher and “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” is his first physical release on the ever amazing new Barren Meadows Recordings label. Some of you will know Job from the “Coram Deo” track which was featured on the Volume 4 sampler put out by the Doom Metal Alliance run by yours truly. This release is one 20 minute epic packaged in a very eye catching digipak. The epic approach to Funeral Doom and Sludge is not new to Fisher, he recorded “Nascentes Morimur” in 2008 which was also a 20 minute masterpiece. A couple of things set Job apart from the usual Funeral Doom bands that are out there, one is of course its a one man band as Cyrus handles all the instruments and all the vocals. The other important element is this a Christian Funeral Doom project and I hate that term “project” as it makes it sound like its not a serious piece of work which is quite obviously not the case here. The first striking thing about this is the quality of the recording itself, everything is clear and beautifully produced which is very different from most one-man bands who tend to hammer music out in make-shift studios without much thought for production or clarity in a recording.

Compared to the “Coram Deo” track, “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” seems to be a little sparse in its arrangement but this is a well thought move on Fisher’s part as it suits the mood that is being created here. The track starts out simple enough with a heavy riff but its not long before it starts building in atmosphere via keyboards and creepy vocals. The song adds another dimension with the use of stunning feedback and the creepy vocals give way to guttural growls. About at the halfway point in the song, a spoken prayer (in Indian I think) comes in with a strange delay effect that is kind of Psychedelic and hypnotic to a point. There is ambient drones and the most sparse of drum-work to add to the feeling of isolation and loneliness that the song is giving out by this stage in the track. The final section of the song is heavy on electronics, delay effects and ambiance so it loses some of its impact towards the end. The two main strong points of the song as I hear it is the use of feedback to create mood as opposed to just white-noise and the vocals which at times sound huge.

Its goes a little too long overall as the last few minutes seem a bit like a after-thought to me but the skills of this man at creating this music are exceptional. Its not the kind of track that is instantly digestible but it grows on you very quickly and after about 10 spins of the disc, I was hooked on the track. Cyrus Fisher is a amazing musician and songwriter and he deserves your support and in time I am sure people will start admiring his work. “A Psalm for the First Cause and Last Refuge” is a big stepping stone for the future and the next release which I hope will be a full length could be the ground-breaker he needs to take Job to the next level. I highly recommend you purchase this disc from the Barren Meadows Website (click the link below). This is a engaging piece of work. 9/10

- Author uncredited, August 19, 2010 (original)

Job is the funeral doom metal project of Cyrus Fisher and this is the first ep of the band containing one song with a duration of 20 minutes. First of all i have to mention the amazing work on the artwork as this ep comes in a nice 4-panel digipack with simple but yet so beautiful art inside. Musically now, the only track here blends funeral doom with experimental,ambient and sludge sounds. Quite interesting in my opinion and close to the styles i like, with good production and clever ideas. I must admit i prefer the experimental side of the song insted of the funeral doom one but as a whole the track is pretty good. Visit the myspace page of the band to get an idea and order this very good cd!

- Bleeding, October 10, 2010 (original)